How often does someone truly utter these words: “Are you ok?”  And when they do, do you truly listen?  We had a chance to speak with I Fight Fail’s guitarist, Zach Negulis about the video “Are You Ok”,  and this is what it means to him:  “It’s basically about being lost so many times and starting over and over so much that you lose yourself. Those who try to help, you push away. Then one day you have a new way of seeing things. It changes you. So basically it’s about going through the same thing over and over again. You get lost but end up finding yourself. It shapes up the whole album.”

The guys filmed the video in one exhausting day with Paul Cunningham from Cool World Photography.  The band still had time to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers win the championship that night.  Check out your local Journeys store; they have the video in rotation this month nationwide. Also I Fight Fail’s Ep titled Voyages & Vantage Points has charted on Billboard’s Independent Albums list.