It’s story time my little Rocklings! You know the sickening, sinking feeling that overwhelms your destroyed heart. You’ve nearly drowned and tried to destroy yourself by feeding the devil inside you. All the booze and drugs can’t make that empty, hateful sludgy mess of an ex-lover go away! So, you gobble up some mood altering barbiturates, and wash those suckers down with a bottle of Seagram’s 7. You fantasize about all the nasty shit you could do to your demon of an ex. But all you end up getting is epically shitfaced, and you break your nose on a bathroom sink. My little nose is still crooked, but on the upside, rehab was neat.

You have to say thank you the artists that produce relatable music videos.“Driven Under” by Seether recalls this kind of pain and emotion without having to go through that shit again in real time. The guys really nailed it with this one. The video hits hard the point of relationship failure at its best!  Lead singer, Shaun Morgan, has a raw, pain-fueled voice that is only made richer by the gritty lyrics in “Driven Under”.

Seether is starting to set dates for their North American Tour, so check it out here.