We have a very special “weekly Music Treat.” This song is dedicated to all of our sisters and brothers attending the Woman’s March on Washington, D. C. and Sister Marches in many large cities and in small towns. Stone Age Rock Report has a duty to stay liberal in all matters considering women’s rights.  After all, we were founded by women. We wish that all, who are traveling to Washington, D.C. in the coming days safe journeys, and an awesome, peaceful experience. We want to extend our love and support to all that will be attending any of the marches.

We specially dedicate “Message To Myself” by Melissa Etheridge to Lisa, Blynne. These two strong women will be making their way to D.C. to stand with 200,000 plus souls to make their voice heard. You Rock On Sisters! Go, go write another chapter in our history!

“I’m marching because I disagree with the butchering of the affordable care act. Also because I believe in equality for everyone. This is for my daughter because no man predictor elect or otherwise has the right to grab her or any other woman by the PUSSY just because he can. And we need to dismantle the electoral college, it should have been done decades ago.”



” I want to be apart of the ‘Million Women March’ to be counted. So everyone can know that there is one more person who cares. That the people in my life know I am willing to go that extra step, to stand up for what I believe in. That complacency and apathy is not acceptable. I don’t know if it will make a difference to the new president, but a least the House and the Senate will see and be aware that there are women out there who care and do not agree with the things that are going on.”
– Lisa