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We had a chance to interview KillrKat at the Cleveland Agora. Kat #1 gave us the background for the duo’s current project and tour.

KillrKat is currently on the Wizard World\Comic-Con tour, perpetuating the mystique of their personal identities. To add to KillrKat’s dynamic performances and style they will be releasing a limited edition graphic novel next month while on tour. This underground publication was written by J. Michael Straczynski, author to the film Changeling and creator of the TV series Babylon 5.

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KillrKat #1 talks about the increasing emergence of women in the industry.

 “For some reason there are no female DJs in the top 100, however its gaining popularity. Even though there are just as many women DJ’s out there in proportion to male DJ’s. More and more female DJ’s are making it in the business, for example NERVO and Nicole Moudaber. It’s true that there are less female producers in the industry, but this statistic improving as well.”

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Kat #2 talks about the tech behind killrKat’s look.

“The big cat heads have LED lights in them and so do our suits. The LED intelligent suits produce various tempos and patterns of LED illumination, which I control.  We also feature Miss Kitty Blaze at many of our shows. She is a cat faced metal grinding artist who breaths fire while preforming and has been woven into the comic book’s story line as well.  The show really blows people away.”

KillrKat’s live shows are Electro music masterpieces, with a sensory overload of lights, art, and sound. We suggest you try to catch these Kats at their next live show, and you gotta bring some glow sticks for this one.


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