On April Fool’s Day 2017, I was lucky enough photograph three members of Tantric with a small and impromptu to photo shoot before the show at Oddbody’s Music Room in Dayton, OH.  Scott Wilson, said he had found a good spot, he grabbed his coat and off we went.

Scott climbed up on a gas poll stating that he was a ninja. I felt, at times, that I was a professional photographer. Other times, my amateur skill set reared its ugly head. But that was ok, I was given a gift, an opportunity to become a better photographer! At one point, we climbed into a large industrial dumpster full of concrete, rebar and a smelly, dead cactus. It was like the city knew what we were going to do, and Dayton deposited a beautiful grubby landscape that was the backdrop to a dumpster full of construction debris. A tiny, bright red shopping cart served as inspiration and a sweet color pop! Yes, I was nervous, but boy it was fun.

Scott Wilson, bassist and backing vocals, Brian Bonds, guitarist, and drummer, Mike Smith, mugged for the camera and made this all possible. No shopping carts were harmed during this session. The cactus was dead when we got there.

Later that evening Hugo Ferreira melted faces and sang directly to the fans. It was an up close and personal performance for Tantric.