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Friday, April 28th, the sold out Agora Theater was brought to life with an epic performance by Sabaton the multi award winning power metal band. They are currently on the North American Leg of their The Last Tour promoting their 2016 record release of The Last Stand. The band hails from Falun, Sweden. Their musical style is laden with a heavy amount of historical battle ballads and powerfull melodic cords.

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Sabaton’s performance was polished and simply elegant. The lyrical content of Sabaton has been notated as anthems for soldiers returning from war, history buffs, and metal heads alike. Sabaton’s emotional and heavy music was brought to a sweet and playful note by front man Joakim Brodén.  His cunning ability to engage and entertain the audience while onstage was epic.

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The show was carried to new heights, with smiles and laughter, from all the band member’s theatrical prowess. They had changed the chorus to the song “Swedish Pagans” to a big and melody rich “OHIO”. Fans erupted with laughter and chanted along to the newly mastered song. “Night Witches” gave a powerful and profound voice to the fearless, female, Soviet fighter pilots of World War II. The power chords were rich and perfectly executed within this song. When I closed my eyes I could see these brave women flying high in Valhalla! The evening came to an end with the song, “To Hell and Back”, which was written about an American son of war. Audie Murphy, was noted as being one of the most decorated combat soldiers of World War II. The pains of surviving life after war, carried him into a battle with alcoholism and PTSD.

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Sabaton has a unique way of telling stories of battles long gone and the soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice. More than likely these tales would have otherwise fallen asleep in the pages of history books. They bring to life the pain and glory of our history in lyrical style. This musical style is true genius and harkens back to the days of old of Viking sagas and wandering medieval poets. The art of storytelling in its truest form with a kick of badass power metal!

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