Stone Age Rock Report

Music Evolved

Meet the Contributors


Marie Thompson Editor\Photographer


I am the creator for this blog. Rock music runs deep in my veins. The best way to give back to something that has given me so much, is to honor it. That’s why I write, photo, and share my adventures with you. I believe that all art is an evolutionary process. I explore self expression like a cave woman touching fire for the first time. I do this all for the love of art and humanity. I want my readers to feel the same way about life’s little experiment when they visit Stone Age Rock Report.


Karen Mallon Chief Editor


Howdy ho! My background as a “typist” has always kept the lights on and the food on the table… Thanks mom for insisting I take that in high school. I’m a hardcore rock enthusiast and like to see musicians/bands keep it rockin’ all night long! I went to Woodstock (1969) when I was 16 and I continued to fall in love with music in all forms.



Patrick Morbach Comic Book review Vloger



Michigan native Patrick Morbach was introduced to comics at a young age. What started as a few books in a shoebox eventually grew into over a dozen boxes filled with thousands of sequential stories. Following characters across mediums, writers across titles, and collecting through good times and bad, has culminated in the most ambitious grab for global supremacy this side of Dr. Doom’s breakfast nook: a review show on YouTube!





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