“Never lose concentration on the job at hand. Most importantly never lose the feel.” – Scott Wilson


Photo Credit: Sunshine Studio


We had a chance to speak with Scott Wilson, bass player and backing vocalist for Tantric. The band is currently consists of  Hugo Ferreira as lead vocalist, Ty Fury visiting lead guitarist from Trapt, Scott Wilson on bass guitar, and backing vocals,  Mike  Smith, on drums. Scott has been collaborating, writing, and preforming with Tantric for 6 years. The band is currently putting the finishing touches on their 7th studio album. Soon we’ll be hearing what Scott says is his “favorite Tantric record ever…” “We hit the vain of gold on this one!”,  Per Scott as he has that ol’ an-ti-ci-pa-tion  until the release! However, there is no firm release date at present.   Scott describes this new area of sound for the ever evolving Tantric as “malonic and eclectic”. A healthy amount of studio time and jam sessions has allowed them to draw inspiration from each other.   Hugo has kept to his roots with “sound stacking” and “layering 4 or 5 instrumentals playing different cords”,  notes Scott.   This is the complex and rich sound that is unique to Tantric.  Scott and Hugo have co-written much of the new album together. Scott said we can “expect to hear tones from their previous 6 albums all coming together to form the 7th“not yet titled album.”

 Scott talked about the Make America Rock Again tour as being a “big success for the band and quite eventful”. He said, “It was like hanging out with all your best  buddies”. Tantric also had the privilege to tour with the band Crazy Town. While on tour, Scott would run sound for the band Trapt. Ty Fury, lead guitarist from Trapt helped out Tantric by filling in a hole that was left while on tour. While Fury and Tantric is a great match, I am told Fury won’t be joining the band but rather filling in until a new guitarist can be found. Scott notes  that Fury also performed on the upcoming record as well. It’s the rock family that Tantric has gathered around them that brings this music to life and keeps the fans satisfied and coming back for more. The ability to tackle any obstacle and turn it into an opportunity to grow, diversifies, and ultimately thrives. Tantric has made a living pulling from a large well of experience, never backing down and from the inspiration from their fans.

Scott discussed the art of keeping his sanity on the four month long tour. He talked about “being up for 20 hours straight with no privacy and a mind that just doesn’t find any rest”. After he hopped off the bus, helped out the venue and spoke to the people that make the show possible, he then performed a sound check. Next it was his time to make a call home and go for a walk around town. He said that he tried to find a park or a nice restaurant to relax and let his mind settle. He would snap a few pictures of great America, listen to some music and regroup. Then he would find his way back to the venue and do what he was born to do, create live music. He speaks proudly of Tantric’s fans. Scott stated that “the best part of touring is meeting the people that have been touched by his work.” Scott’s sobriety has been an inspiration, and a reason many fans seek help with their sobriety issues. Scott has found a way of living that has worked for him, and is proud to share that with the fans that have survived addiction or are actively seeking a solution to their addictions as well.

Scott spoke candidly about what made him want to become a musician. He spoke about his father taking him to see the band Exile when he was young. After his first concert Exile invited him onto the tour bus to see what it was like to be a traveling musician. Scott was immediately infatuated with the lifestyle and the art of preforming. Ever since that night on a high school football field turned stage, where he heard his first live show, he has strived to be the best musician he could. His roots are deep and diverse in the music industry. Scott naturally got started in 80s rock, then he played for the gospel quartet The Helmsmen. Scott went on to talk about preforming with Florida Georgia Line in their breakout years and Montgomery Gentry.


 Scott has just launched a Bass player centric clothing line. He said that mainstream clothing companies forgot about the bass player.  In doing what Scott dose best, he created something new to provide us with something we all need. The clothing line is offered at the merchandising tables during Tantric Shows and will be available online soon. He also works with his wife Cristiana in her studio5, Sunshine Records, in Colorado Springs. The record studio was relocated to her home town in Colorado from Miami after hurricane Katrina totaled the building. Christiana turned lemons into gold by not only rebuilding the studio, but expanding into an indoor and outdoor venue. Check out Sunshine Studios live at http://sunshinestudioslive.com/ . Live streams from all of the venue shows are available at the site as well. After all of this, the couple still has time for the local Girl Scout troop to lay down a few tracks. Scott synthesized the troop’s song and had them sounding like the Chipmunks and Minions.

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